Just a note to let you folks know that I installed the Airsafe hitch, which was quite easy, only having to make one adjustment to get the height correct. Good instructions. Took a 600 mile round trip into the West Virginia mountains which involved both interstate and gravel road portions. NEVER have I had such a comfortable ride for both my truck and Airstream. I am a fan of the system, as is my wife. Good job, and thanks.

George “Sandy” Browder

Winston-Salem, NC

I would highly recommend the “AirSafe Hitch”. I have travelled over 40,000 kilometers over the last 3 years towing a 3-ton caravan and wouldn’t travel without it. It makes towing on rough roads much smoother with the van floating up and down instead of reefing at the car. The AirSafe Hitch is relatively maintenance free, and you only need a small bike pump to keep the airbags inflated.

Rupert Richardson

We bought your hitch in 2018. The reason was my truck destroyed my new off-road caravan. The hitch has worked so well that no more damage has occurred since. My wife and I are grateful for your product.

Jeff and Ann Taylor, WA

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