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Welcome to AirSafe Hitch by Advantec

AIRSAFE™ is a globally recognised tow hitch and accessories manufacturer, with Advantec being one of Australia’s leading authorised distributors.

AirSafe employs revolutionised technology, to ensure your safety through hazardous road conditions. Offering a sturdy design that’s height adjustable, Airsafe works to reduces shock transfer with their tow hitches. Providing unbeatable protection for both you and your cargo. We offer a range of trailer hitch receivers here in Australia to suit your towing needs.

With plenty to choose from, chat with Advantec today to find out which AirSafe hitch works best with your vehicle and equipment.

Why AirSafe Hitch

AirSafe receiver hitches are the perfect solution for hauling your large trailers, caravans and vehicles. As the engineered weight distribution system ensures a safe and steady ride every single time.

All AirSafe tow hitches are manufactured to carry the maximum weight limit of a fully-loaded vehicle. Moreover, all AirSafe equipment provides a two-year warranty, pledging to offer the most efficient automotive power.

The key features of AirSafe receiver hitches are -

  • Provide maximum weight carrying and distributing capacity
  • Reduce energy consumption and minimise fuel usage
  • Ensure a smooth, comfortable and safe ride
  • Shock absorbance to protect contents
  • Improve overall driving control
  • Greatly reduce metal fatigue
  • Easy breaking control and enhanced vehicle durability
  • Assure safe driving and protection against needless and preventable accidents

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